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Fast Facts About Essie Faye

1. I'm an identical twin

2. I'm an avid reader (I'm loving audiobooks right now)

3. I'm bilingual--I speak Spanish and English

4. I LOVE to travel--I've traveled to 30 states in the US and to 10 countries 

5. I was born and bred on the South Side of Chicago (Englewood)

6. I'm a pew baby (Pentecostal-Apostolic)

7. I love music 

8. I'm a prophetic psalmist (Walking in this new  calling)

9. I'm an improviser ( 

10. I LOVE fashion  

-Frames  (Eye Candy)         



11. I'm a High School Spanish Teacher

12. I enjoy writing

13. I'm passionate about praise and worship

14. I have 14 siblings 

15. My fav color is hot pink 

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