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Hi There! I want you to maximize your healing journey! Because of this I've provided several resources for you. And it's all $FREE.99!  

Healing- to restore to health and wholeness; to repair

Freebie #1 (Below)

Finding The Love You Deserve Reading Guide: This guide is chock-full of discussion & reflection questions to companion the best-selling devotional, "Finding The Love You Deserve: 30 Lessons in Self-Love & Acceptance."

Freebie #2 (Access via the home page)

5 Steps to Heal Yourself Sis: This one-pager guides self-healers through 5 key steps to restore wholeness in their personal lives. 

To learn more about self-healing & join a community of women healing themselves Click HERE! 

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Grab Your Free-bie Finding The Love You Deserve Reader's Guide

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