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Christ Representer

Hi, I'm Essie Faye. I love all things music. I'm a lil different--I like to call it unique. I live loudly and proudly and I absolutely love people. Well, most people anyway. I have lots of siblings--fourteen to be exact. I'm an identical twin as well. So I know what it means to partner from conception. LOL I'm an extrovert and I love hanging out and connecting with folks, swapping stories, laughing, and just being. I'm a Christian--I strive to be a real one, living according to biblical principles and to please God. I'm a teacher by day and a serial entrepreneur by night. I also do improv comedy, I'm a recording artist and author. I'm also a wife and minister of the gospel. So, yeah, I wear a lot of hats. But nowadays, who doesn't? Especially us women, we can do it all. Even if we can't most times we are the ones that end up doing it--whatever "it" is. I'm an 80s baby--it's debatable whether or not I'm a millennial, but either way, I'll be 40 this August. This is a huge deal. I've lived nearly four decades! Wow. That is amazing. I want to invite you into my world. This is a safe space where I speak from the heart. My hope is that we can connect and you'll enjoy the ride.

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