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Why do I always get hurt in relationships? Why haven’t I found the love I deserve? When will it be my turn to experience true love? Will it ever happen for me? If you’re asking yourself these questions, get ready to have a paradigm shift. Prepare to experience a mental & spiritual shift as we embark upon a journey of self discovery to find the love you’ve been searching for and that you SO deserve. 


Have you been waiting for someone to bring healing to all of the hurting parts of your life?

Have you  been hoping for someone to rescue you from yourself? 

Have you been crying out for companionship and a seemingly perfect life so that you don’t have to face yourself each day? 

Do you feel helpless to change your life situation? 


Well, enough is enough! In this book Essie Faye Taylor dishes on insightful life lessons that will help you to begin to heal yourself with love. You are sure to:  


START to see yourself as the asset that you truly are.

START to love yourself inside and out.

START to find inner peace and connect with God, your Creator & first Love. 

START to give yourself the true love & acceptance that you so desperately desire and watch love come to you. 


It’s YOUR winning season!

It’s YOUR season to heal your hurt!

It’s YOUR opportunity to take time to heal and experience self love & acceptance!

Partner with God and take authority over your life. YOU can live the life you’ve dreamed of. It starts with YOU!  YOU are the love of your life. YOU are your hero. YOU are the protagonist of  your life’s story.

Finding The Love You Deserve: 30 Lessons in Self-Love & Acceptance

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