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It can be tough being a teenager. Sometimes your relationships are strained. You have bad days and don’t quite know how to express yourself. You’re hurt by the adults around you and you question your worth. Do I have value?” you ask. “Why do I always get hurt in relationships?” “Am I worthy of love?”  “Why haven’t I found the love I deserve?” “When will it be my turn to experience true love?” If you’re asking yourself these questions, get ready to have a paradigm shift. Prepare to experience a mental & spiritual transformation as you embark upon a journey of self-discovery to find the love you’ve been searching for and that you SO deserve. 


In this workbook tailored for teen girls 13-16, Essie Faye Taylor shares insightful life lessons that will help you begin healing yourself with love, in true rich auntie fashion. You are sure to:  


LEARN to love & accept yourself inside and out.

LEARN to find inner peace and connect with God, your Creator & your first Love. 

LEARN to manage your relationship with yourself & others.

LEARN to manage your emotions and decrease your levels of anxiety & depression.

LEARN to recognize potentially toxic situations & make good choices. 

LEARN to access helpful & healing resources. 


This text is specifically for small group settings 60 Mindfulness, CBT, and self-discovery activities that help teens to self-manage well. 

-There are different types of exercises  that encourage teens to identify their feelings of anxiety, depression, joy, and happiness triggers & manage their emotions through self-reflection. 

Finding The Love You Deserve: 30 Lessons in Self-Love & Acceptance Teen Workbook

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