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You can heal yourself.

It can be tough being a teenager. Sometimes your relationships are strained. You have bad days and don’t quite know how to express yourself. You’re hurt by the adults around you and you question your worth. Do I have value?” you ask. “Why do I always get hurt in relationships?” “Am I worthy of love?”  “Why haven’t I found the love I deserve?” “When will it be my turn to experience true love?” If you’re asking yourself these questions, get ready to have a paradigm shift. Prepare to experience a mental & spiritual transformation as you embark upon a journey of self-discovery to find the love you’ve been searching for and that you SO deserve. 


In this book tailored for teen girls 13-16, Essie Faye Taylor shares insightful life lessons that will help you begin healing yourself with love, in true rich auntie fashion. You are sure to:  


LEARN to love & accept yourself inside and out.

LEARN to find inner peace and connect with God, your Creator & your first Love. 

LEARN to manage your relationship with yourself & others.

LEARN to manage your emotions and decrease your levels of anxiety & depression.

LEARN to recognize potentially toxic situations & make good choices. 

LEARN to access helpful & healing resources. 


Partner with God and take authority over your life. YOU can live a life full of love and hope. It starts with YOU!  YOU are the love of your life. YOU are your hero. YOU are the protagonist of your life’s story.  

Finding The Love You Deserve Teen Edition

Excluding Sales Tax |
Expected shipment Mid- April 2023
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